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Responsible AKC Golden Retriever Breeder and Trainer

Located in Downeast Maine with personalized service and ongoing support

Our Goldens are so enthusiastic about everyone they meet, everywhere they go, and everything they see and do!

In fact, their enthusiasm for life, the universe and everything is contagious, they bring so much fun, laughter & love to our family & friends. 

By Spending time with our Goldens, you’ll soon start to become one of those cheery glass-half-full people!



Female: English Golden Retriever
AKC Name: Timber Creeks Missy Daisy
Call Name: Daisy
AKC Number: SS07090202
DOB: 07/22/2018

Daisy is our graceful, distinguished lady.  She loves to spend time observing all that nature offers.  She has a smile that will warm your heart.  Her favorite past-time is chewing a bone in Daddy’s recliner.


Female: American Golden Retriever
AKC Name: Copperfield’s She Takes The Cake

Call Name: Buttercup
AKC Number: SS07440201
DOB: 08/23/2018

Buttercup is a free spirit, who turns it on when she is being shown in the AKC ring by her handler (Riverview Handlers).  She loves playing hide and seek, retrieving her balls, and rolling in the mud.  Her favorite activity is playing in water, be it a puddle, a bowl, or a pool.


Female: Golden Retriever
AKC Name: Celtic Pride Sunflower Dandi Bunker
Call Name: Sunny
AKC Number: SS10687201
DOB: 02/07/2019

Sunny is the perfect family dog, she is gentle, sweet and fun loving. She enjoys being the center of attention but is also just as content to, just be with “her kids”.  Her favorite time of the day is when she gets to go on her daily walk with her mom.

(Sunny resides in our approved guardian home.)


Female: Golden Retriever
AKC Name: Golden Willow Downs Jolly Holly
Call Name: Holly
AKC Number: SS06351508
DOB: 06/05/2018

Holly is our Walmart greeter and opera singer.  She loves to carry around her toys and show them off.  Her favorite place to be is curled up on Mommy’s bed being snuggled.



Male: Golden Retriever
AKC Name: 4 Paws Cedar of Bear Pond
Call Name: Cedar
AKC Number: SS12741306
DOB: 05/12/2019

Cedar is the eternal puppy, who has no idea how big he is. He loves playing with all his fur friends and
running with his human brother. His favorite toys are his “mice” (moose) that represent the outdoors that he loves so much.


Male: American Golden Retriever
AKC Name: 4 Paws Oak of Timber Creek
Call Name: Oakley
AKC Number: SS14828705
DOB: 10/16/2019

Oakley is our quiet observer with soulful eyes. His smile warms your heart and his tail never stops. His
favorite thing to do is go for a ride. (Oakley resides in our approved guardian home.)

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Responsible AKC Golden Retriever Breeder and Trainer

Located in Downeast Maine with personalized service and ongoing support