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Welcome to 4 Paws and Family!

We are not your typical breeder; we believe that our dogs are part of our family.  We focus on providing the best care for their individual personalities and needs.  We strive to ensure our puppies are born and raised in the most ideal environment possible.  We focus on nutrition, health, training, and socialization, with ample time for fun and games.  We are proud to offer families our healthy top-quality puppies.

Our journey began back in 2014 when my husband and I brought our first Golden Retriever home.  Ruby brightened our already full lives as she adapted to our home and became an integral part of our lives by bringing joy and love to all of our family and friends.  As she grew, we witnessed her eagerness to please, her playfulness, and her loyalty. 

Ruby is the reason we believe that Golden Retrievers make the best family dogs!

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